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Guilty pleasures

There are some bands you love as a kid and don’t mean nothing to you as you get older. One of them for me was a greek rock band Ta Ksylina Spathia (Wooden Swords). I was listening to them a lot in my 12-17 era. Nowadays I can’t stand one single song of them, but I just learned that the last time I seen them live( was my 9th personal) was their last concert ever. And for some kind of reason that meant something to me.

— 4 days ago
I really miss you..

I really miss you..

— 1 week ago

Sans Pot - No Change To Spare (Alf Remix)

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You think life is hard, it bugs you that all the small things go wrong. You’re winning about your job, about your social life, etc and then someone you really love gets really sick. 

I only care about you feeling better and getting better day by day. You are my favorite person in the whole world. 

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big night out october ‘13

big night out october ‘13

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When guys with cliche “tough man tattoos” tell me my tattoo is silly,

I secretly give an extra cool point to myself”

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